Poetry, Art, and Creative Writing Workshops 

Poems often evoke images, so that art and poetry naturally enhance each other

Residency Projects for writing and murals can be funded in part by applying for a grant to work with Creative Teaching Partner artist Yetti Frenkel through the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Creative Schools Program.


Cinquain Poetry and Fold Out Book Project for Grades 2 and above

In this workshop children construct poems based on parts of speech, and then use their poems to create a book. The format of the cinquain (five line poem) is used to create a five page fold-out book that is illustrated front and back. Children learn about simile and metaphor, and projects can be adjusted to suit ages seven to adult. The workshop can be tailored to meet curriculum requests.


Candy cinquain
Girls cinquain
Puffin cinquain
Puffin cinquain detail Puffin cinquain detail 2


Haiku Poetry and Card Workshop

Haikus appear simple, but are a very elegant poetry form. Because there are so few words, each one must be chosen carefully. In this workshop participants write a haiku and then illustrate their poem in a card. Instruction is given on how to integrate the poem into the card design so that there is a logical flow or connection between the front, middle and back of the card. For ages seven to adult.

beach haikuflowers haikuicec haiku

Creative Writing and Illustration Workshop

In this five day workshop, participants write a story through a series of exercises, then illustrate their story in a blank, hardcover book. Each session runs for two hours. The first hour is devoted to writing, and the second focuses on illustration. Topics covered are: first and third person narrative, observation and description, dialogue, plot and outline, ending and editing, and illustration concepts for effective communication. For ages ten to adult.

science smallmaine bookdetective bookc


Mural Workshops and Residencies

Instruction can be on a residency basis or during a weekend workshop. School residencies can be funded in part by applying to the Massachusetts Cultural Council's Creative Schools Initiative. Yetti Frenkel is on the roster of Creative Teaching Partners. Please contact the artist to arrange a schedule for individual projects.


These mural panels were created during a workshop with teachers who wanted to bring the mural making process back to the classroom to share with their students. The murals were donated to the Angell Memorial Animal Hospital in Boston.

Fallon school

Mural on the left was done with children from grades k-6 at the Fallon elementary school in Lynn, Massachusetts. The mural on the right was done with children in grades k-5 at the Pine Glen School, Burlington, MA.